Behind The Brand

PĒS... What is it? The meaning behind this branding comes from Psalm 34:14. This verse teaches us one important thing... Seek PEACE and pursue it.


Making clothing, t-shirts more specifically, isn't something that I ever thought I'd want to do when I was younger. I never thought I'd be doing any of the things I'm into now, but the road I'm walking on has changed a lot over the years. As a young kid, I was always into the music scene. I could play several instruments well at a young age, and to this day continue to play the drums. This ear for music and talent with making music helped me discover the talent I have in rapping. Just recording songs, for fun with friends and family, later turned into recording higher quality pieces that are now being released to the public. This was an important and good change in my life because this is what brought on the idea of creating my own brand. My stage name, PĒS, has been the inspiration for the entire branding that I am creating.

PĒS comes from the word "Peace," PĒS being the root word and/or pronunciation of peace. This branding took some time and thought to be created and so looking into my legal name, Jeffrey, I learned that my name means "God's peace."I thought that because of this, "peace" would be a great stage name BUT I also didn't want my stage name to be ordinary and bland. Which is why I started to search different ways to write and or say peace. Hours of searching and thinking brought me across the pronunciation of the word, which is PĒS, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

When I started to make music under this stage name, It drove me to continue to create more. I wanted to continue spreading my message in several ways. As I got older, my interest in clothing grew, and I wondered what it would be like to create my own. To continue spreading a positive message through clothing. Took me months to prepare for this day, but finally one of my goals are coming true. Months of preparation are over and I am finally releasing  my first collection of premium t-shirts.

The past years have been rough for me... trying to find who I am, losing important people in your life, going down the wrong roads, feeling worthless, but I found the light that has shined upon the darkness in my life. This is the message I bring to you with each and every t-shirt I create. This message can be found in Psalm 34:14 where it says, "Seek peace and pursue it." This message holds more than just seeking any worldly output of peace , but making sure to run after the creator of peace itself, who is God, our Father. Through Christ, we can be revealed the truth and light to the life we should live, and to reaching that place of comfort that we all strive to have. 

Creating this brand has given me a way of passing on this positive message to you and making a body of people who hold and try to live by this message: PĒS represents what we should work towards. It's a reminder to yourself of who we should trust in, what's more important, and what you should live by. These 3 things go along with you wherever you are; God, truth, and peace.

I want to invite others to join me in spreading this message; the message to "seek God, seek truth, and seek peace." More people need this positive message in their lives, to keep them moving forward with any plans they want to accomplish, so I want you to join, and it's easy to do. With a simple purchase of a t-shirt, you could be holding this powerful message, and by wearing this message, you can spread the positive word.

seek God, seek truth, seek peace.

PĒS Apparel

PĒS, Founder